Food Industry Training (F.I.T.) Centre

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Food Industry Training (F.I.T.) Centre

Is your company straining its dollars and production time to train staff to meet food industry's safety and processing standards? Is your company training program getting a little sluggish?

Get 'FIT' with the Food Centre's new Food Industry Training (F.I.T.) Centre! Our F.I.T. Centre has a variety of online and onsite training workshops and programs targeted to assist companies with specific training needs.

Global competition is fierce.  Having a functional HACCP or food safety program in your facility gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Train staff to implement and maintain your HACCP system through our HACCP online!  Flexible and convenient, it won't interrupt your daily operations.   Check out our HACCP and Food Safety Certificate Program!

Do you want to train your staff in proper food plant sanitation? Check out our 'Sanitation - A Defensive Approach'  video!

Not ready for HACCP?  Check out our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) online training.  GMPs are the basic principles of operation a food processor should follow to produce a consistent, quality food product.  Flexible and convenient.  Annual membership gives you unlimited access to training.  Check out our GMPs online training!

The F.I.T. Centre has the expertise and resources to whip your company's training program into shape.

The F.I.T Centre offers a variety of seminars and workshops related to the food industry annually. To be added to our mailing list for future training announcements, please click here.